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HenryG parts ways with Cloud9

Henry “⁠HenryG⁠” Greer has announced his departure from Cloud9, bringing an end to his eight-month-long tenure as the General Manager of the organisation’s CS:GO division.

The 32-year-old Brit linked up with the organisation in September 2020, and was responsible for the creation of the ‘Colossus’, a European roster that initially featured Alex “⁠ALEX⁠” McMeekin, Özgür “⁠woxic⁠” Eker, and William “⁠mezii⁠” Merriman as its core trio and Aleksandar “⁠kassad⁠” Trifunović as coach.

Cloud9 later went on to sign Patrick “⁠es3tag⁠” Hansen from Astralis and retain the services of Ricky “⁠floppy⁠” Kemery from Cloud9‘s previous roster, but were soon faced with issues as kassad left the lineup and “unreliable high ping” and a “compromising time zone” led to the release of woxic and signing of Erick “⁠Xeppaa⁠” Bach. The move, in turn, saw ALEX and es3tag both attempt to fill the role of sniper, but inconsistent results continued to plague the roster as a whole.

HenryG will be taking a break following his departure from Cloud9

The inability to gather the team in North America due to the coronavirus also added to their troubles as they were unable to build rapport and team chemistry in-person, and ultimately led to Cloud9 placing their players on the transfer list and putting their CS:GO division on hold following a group stage exit from ESL Pro League Season 13.

“It’s truly a shame how things panned out with a lot of mitigating circumstances but plenty of positive memories, too,” HenryG said in his announcement. “While the space is in this strange transition period I have decided to take a sabbatical and enjoy some of the normality that life has to offer. It’s certainly been a while.

“I will be back eventually when the right opportunity arises.”

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Cloud9 release m1cks |

Joshua “⁠m1cks⁠” Micks has been released from Cloud9 after being with the organisation for over a year, it has been announced.

The 22-year-old initially joined Cloud9 as an assistant to Tiaan “⁠T.c⁠” Coertzen for their South African roster, remaining with the organisation as an analyst following the building of the ‘Colossus’ roster and later reprising his role as an assistant coach under Chris “⁠Elmapuddy⁠” Tebbit.

m1cks is in search of new opportunities after being released from Cloud9

Cloud9 struggled to post consistent results in Europe amid ongoing roster and role changes, but were able to take maps off of the likes of Natus Vincere and Gambit in 2021. The lacklustre showings and the inability to gather the team in North America because of the coronavirus pandemic led to Cloud9 putting their CS:GO division on hold at the end of March, with all of the players being made available for transfer.

“I’m still improving every day as both a coach and a person,” m1cks said in a statement. “I’m looking for a project that wants to compete at the highest level and is willing to commit to the team/organisational structure needed to do so.

“I want to be a part of a team with high aspirations for international success, whether that’s as a head or assistant coach.”

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[VOD] HLTV Confirmed with guest STYKO: talking FPX IGL situation, EPL playoffs, end of Cloud9

Martin “⁠STYKO⁠” Styk will take part in the upcoming episode of’s talk show, which will focus on FunPlus Phoenix results and their looming problem, Cloud9 putting their CS:GO team on hold, and the latest results in ESL Pro League.

STYKO will take part in HLTV Confirmed for the first time since Season 2

The 25-year-old player will also share his thoughts on the ESL Pro League Playoff bracket, which has been decided with the conclusion of Group D. Additionally, the guest and Chad “⁠SPUNJ⁠” Burchill, Milan “⁠Striker⁠” Švejda, and Zvonimir “Professeur” Burazin, will comment on recent roster news, such as MIBR‘s change and the new Danish team.

Topics for the show:

Hot seat with STYKO
-2020 vs. previous years as a competitor
-Parting ways with kRYSTAL
-Lengthy talks and joining FPX
-emi, chrisJ, suNny as temporary solutions
-Reaching EPL playoffs
-Upset in BLAST qualifiers
Recent news
-Cloud9’s CS:GO division “on hold”
-exit enters MIBR
-gade, aizy, Kjaerbye to team up
-OG close in on MICHU
EPL update
-Astralis, Liquid, VP live up to the hype
-What to make of EG?
-Assessing the playoff bracket
-Parimatch Matchmaker
-Viewer questions and leftover topics

Keep track of the show on social media: on Twitch
HLTV Confirmed on Twitter
HLTV Confirmed on Youtube
HLTV Confirmed Audio

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Cloud9 stomp FURIA to remain in playoff contention in EPL

Alex “⁠ALEX⁠” McMeekin‘s squad handed FURIA a tough beating (2-0; Overpass 16-6, Nuke 16-1) to secure their second win in Group C in ESL Pro League and remain in playoffs contention ahead of their last match of the round-robin against MIBR.

“It was really good for our confidence coming in 2-0,” William “⁠mezii⁠” Merriman said after securing the straightforward victory. “I felt like we did good things in our other games, as well, we’ve shown some good performances overall and we just couldn’t close them out, so it feels good right now to actually be able to close a game out 2-0 convincingly.”

With Gambit and FURIA set to face for first place in the group on Wednesday, the last playoffs spot is still up in the air. Either Natus Vincere or Cloud9 could snatch it depending on how the last round of matches goes, as they are set to face TeamOne and MIBR, respectively.

The group’s standings ahead of the final showdowns look as follows:

Cloud9 turned up in terrifying form on their favorite map pick, Overpass. ALEX & co. dominated on the Terrorist side as they built up an 8-0 lead with FURIA struggling to adapt as they kept giving up early openings to their opponents.

Individual heroics from Andrei “⁠arT⁠” Piovezan, Paytyn “⁠junior⁠” Johnson, and Kaike “⁠KSCERATO⁠” Cerato then handed FURIA a lifeline as they entered the second half only five rounds behind, after all, but a 1v2 defuse from ALEX in the second pistol helped Cloud9 seal the deal in comfortable fashion.

ALEX and mezii put up impressive performances in the one-sided affair

The European-American mixture picked up where they left off on Nuke, stringing together another massive streak to start, this time on the defense. Cloud9 could not seem to put a foot wrong as they fended off everything FURIA threw at them and even won all the clutches when it came down to close scenarios.

It wasn’t until the 13th round that the Brazilian side got on the board after Yuri “⁠yuurih⁠” Santos denied ALEX another big clutch, but it was all too little, too late. Cloud9 closed down the half with a 14-1 lead after two more 1v1 situations went their way and then it was just a matter of time before they came out victorious, and they did just two rounds later.



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Gambit, NiP, Cloud9 fall in Snow Sweet Snow 2 quarter-finals

The Snow Sweet Snow 2 quarter-finals have come to a close as the underdogs prevailed in their respective series, which saw HAVU, AGO, Winstrike, and Copenhagen Flames advance to the tournament’s semi-finals. Sprout, NIP, Cloud9, and Gambit have been eliminated from the event.

The day began with a series between Sprout and HAVU, in which former ENCE duo Jani “⁠Aerial⁠” Jussila and Sami “⁠xseveN⁠” Laasanen ensured a 2-1 win for the Finnish side, who had only recently entered the top 30 and now hold a 13-series winning streak.

IEM Katowice champions Gambit were eliminated by Copenhagen Flames

AGO then sent home the struggling NIP side on the back of a massive performance from their AWPer, Michał “⁠snatchie⁠” Rudzki, who averaged 101.4 ADR and a 1.53 rating over three close maps to secure his team a spot in the semi-finals.

Cloud9 haven’t been able to get out of their rut, either, with a loss to Winstrike seeing the Alex “⁠ALEX⁠” McMeekin-led side add another disappointing finish to their resumé following the unsuccessful campaign in the DreamHack Masters Spring closed qualifier last weekend.

The quarter-finals ended with a bout between Gambit and Copenhagen Flames, in which the Danes stunned the IEM Katowice champions as they came back from a narrow opening loss on Vertigo to win Train and Overpass.

The semi-finals and the grand final will take place on Wednesday, with the matchups and schedule looking as follows:

Wednesday, March 10