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Wings Up disqualified from ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup 2

Wuxi HeJu Cultural Media Co. Ltd., the entity behind the ongoing ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup 2 LAN event, has disqualified Wings Up with immediate effect following suspicious behaviour in Thursday’s controversial round-robin match against After. The announcement was made live on stream by the organisers, who added that Wings Up have been banned from the company’s future events for six months.

According to the organisers, Wings Up did not approach the match seriously to avoid meeting Let’s Quit in the playoffs. This way, the team would prevent a conflict of interest with Quanqing “⁠qz⁠” Wu, one of Wings Up‘s owners and the older brother of Hui “⁠DD⁠” Wu.

“Unfortunately, Wings Up acted negatively by not wanting to play LQ in the elimination round, causing an extremely negative impact,” a statement issued by Wuxi HeJu Cultural Media Co. Ltd. read.

“The ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup tournament series is dedicated to the core value of fairness, and will not condone any behavior that goes against the spirit of esports.”

Online outrage began just minutes after the game ended as video clips of questionable actions began circulating. One video seemingly shows Junhao “⁠ChildKing⁠” Peng ignoring an opponent who was entering the A bombsite on Mirage in what turned out to be the final round of the match, which ended with a 16-13 victory for After. Others show Zhengjie “⁠Martin⁠” Zhuo and team coach Ruixuan “⁠xiaoxizi⁠” Ma – who was standing in for DD for this one particular game – failing to control basic close-range spray patterns.

The match between Wings Up and After brought down the curtain on the round-robin stage and was played for seeding only as both teams were out of the running for the top two places, which gave access to the semi-finals. By losing the match, Wings Up finished the group stage in fourth place with a 2-3 record and were slated to meet After (1-4 record) in the quarter-finals.

Headlined by DD, who spent four years with TYLOO in two spells between 2013 and 2019, Wings Up are currently ranked fifth in Asia. The team finished in fourth place in the recent Perfect World League Season 1, the first Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament of the year in the region.

ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup 2, which has $31,000 on the line, will continue on Saturday with the semi-finals, pitting TYLOO against After, and Lynn Vision against Reece.

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Gambit beat HAVU to win Pinnacle Cup

Gambit have secured the Pinnacle Cup title and $80,000 with a 2-1 victory over HAVU in the grand final. The Russian squad dominated the opening Train (16-8) off the back of a standout showing from sh1ro before unexpectedly dropping their map pick of Mirage (10-16), on which they had held a 100% win rate over seven maps in 2021 prior to their encounter with HAVU. Sergey “⁠Ax1Le⁠” Rykhtorov rose to the occasion on Overpass (16-7) to provide his team with the extra firepower to secure the victory in the three-map affair.

HAVU entered the grand final brimming with confidence after they ran over their Swiss stage opponents and then dispatched SAW, NIP, and BIG in the playoffs. However, they ended up faltering at the last hurdle against the tournament favourites, who had been directly invited to the quarter-finals and defeated Wisla Krakow and Spirit to set up the clash with the Finnish team.

sh1ro led the way with a 1.61 grand final rating

sh1ro kicked off the grand final with one of his renowned clutches, outmaneuvering his opponents in a 1v2 on the CT pistol of Train. The star AWPer continued his dominance throughout the half as he spearheaded Gambit to a 9-6 lead with a 21-4 K-D and seven multi-kills. After the Russian side came out on the offence with the same intensity to promptly add four to their tally, a team ace got HAVU on the board in the second half as they looked to reduce the deficit, but back-to-back triple kills from Abay “⁠Hobbit⁠” Khasenov propelled Gambit to map point. The Finns could only muster one more round before Train concluded at 16-8.

HAVU responded on Gambit‘s pick, Mirage, by putting up a commanding defensive display to win ten consecutive rounds on the way to an 11-4 half. Vladislav “⁠nafany⁠” Gorshkov and co. found their footing as the two teams swapped sides to string together six rounds and get hot on HAVU’s heels, but the Finns regrouped and hit a higher gear to close out the map 16-10 and level the series.

Gambit had enough after losing their undefeated streak on Mirage and ran rampant on Overpass to redeem themselves. The Russian squad racked up 12 rounds on the CT side off the back of solid performances from the trio of Ax1Le, Hobbit and sh1ro. HAVU attempted to kick-start a comeback by winning the second half pistol, but Gambit hit back to pull further ahead, with a Ax1Le ace helping his team to series point. The Finns held out for three rounds before the inevitable 16th round went in favour of the world’s No.3 team, who added another trophy to their cabinet to continue their impressive rise in 2021.



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FPX eliminated as Fantasyexpo Spring Cup reaches playoffs

FunPlus Phoenix are out of contention for a spot in the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown after falling in back-to-back match-ups to LDLC in the Fantasyexpo Spring Cup.

After an initial defeat to LDLC on Inferno in the Group B opening match, Martin “⁠STYKO⁠” Styk and company fought past the Polish side of Pompa to set up a rematch against the Frenchmen, but were ultimately unable claim revenge as they were felled 10-16 on Nuke.

The European troupe were the highest ranked side in attendance in the regional BLAST qualifier, followed by mousesports, who were themselves eliminated from contention on Tuesday following losses to PACT and DBL PONEY, a French team featuring Nathan “⁠NBK-⁠” Schmitt and Alexandre “⁠bodyy⁠” Pianaro.

FPX failed to advance to the playoffs in the Fantasyexpo Spring Cup

The elimination leaves FunPlus Phoenix with no events on their calendar other than the playoffs of ESL Pro League Season 13, which they reached after finishing in third place in Group A over OG, Renegades, and BIG.

With the conclusion of the group stage, four teams are left standing in the Fantasyexpo Spring Cup, vying for the first-place prize of $25,000 and a spot at the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown. The match-ups for the single-elimination, best-of-three playoffs, which will kick off on Thursday at 15:00