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Global Offensive » Strike Now!

All 16 Operation Broken Fang mission cards have been released, including the final Strike mission! But don’t worry if you can’t get everything done this week, you still have until April 30th to earn your stars.

Music Kits

Today we’re shipping three new Music Kits. Scarlxrd (CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT) and Neck Deep (The Lowlife Pack) are now available for purchase.

If you’re a fan of Supergiant Games’ Hades, you may already own the Music Kit. If you own the game on Steam and have more than 5 hours of play time you’ll find the Hades Music Kit in your CS:GO Inventory.

Poorly Drawn Stickers

Hand-crafted by HH110011HH with a bit more love than skill, the Poorly Drawn Sticker Capsule is now available for purchase in-game.

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Global Offensive » 2021 RMR Update

2020 RMR Sticker Capsules

Over the past year, the top CS:GO teams in the world competed in regional ranking events for invitations to a Major Championship. Ultimately there would be no Major in 2020, but it is important that fans have an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the hard work of the best teams of 2020. So we’re excited to announce 2020 CS:GO RMR Capsules.

These capsules represent the teams that would have received invitations to the 2020 Fall Major, broken down by their invitation status (Legend, Challenger, Contender). You can find the final RMR scores and standings here.

For these stickers, 50% of the proceeds directly support the teams.

2021 RMR Events

We will continue to hold regional RMR events to identify the 24 teams to invite to the 2021 PGL Stockholm Major. In the link below you can find all the details and updates to the 2021 RMR event system, but here are some highlights:

  • RMR points are reset for 2021, however the 2020 RMR Legends will start with 600, Challengers with 300, and contenders with 100 points.
  • Teams can now specify a substitute player (any player who is not registered to participate or substitute for another team) that is separate from their coach.
  • A team incurs a penalty when they substitute out a player in an event, but there is no penalty when that player is brought back in.
  • During online matches only players are allowed in the room and on the server. Neither coaches nor any other team staff will be allowed in the room, on the server, or to otherwise communicate with the team during an online match.

The full details of the 2021 RMR system can be found here.

Coaching Integrity

In September of 2020 we were alerted to the fact that many professional coaches were exploiting a coaching-feature bug to gain an unfair advantage during matches. You can read about our initial response here.

Since then, ESIC has published the findings of their investigation and the resulting sanctions. You can read about them here.

As our follow up, we have decided that coaches that exploited the camera bug will be ineligible to participate in some number of future Valve-sponsored events–that number to be determined by the extent of the abuse.

The following table translates ESIC demerits into Major ineligibility:

ESIC Demerits Number of Majors to Miss
2 1
3 2
4 3
5 5
6+ All

In addition to consequences for individuals, we have also thought about how commonly coaches exploited the bug, for how long it went unreported, as well as how common coach stream-sniping accusations have been.

To avoid the diminished integrity of coaching from casting a shadow on the integrity of Valve-sponsored events, we’ll be changing the restrictions on support staff in the following way:

During online matches only players are allowed in the room and on the server. Neither coaches nor any other team staff will be allowed in the room, on the server, or to otherwise communicate with the team during an online match.

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

s1mple named BLAST Premier Global Final MVP

Aleksandr “⁠s1mple⁠” Kostyliev has clinched the first Most Valuable Player award of 2021 following NAVI’s win in the grand final, in which they handily beat Astralis just hours after a full three-map series against Vitality earlier in the day.

The 23-year-old led the way as Natus Vincere came back from an opening loss to Liquid in the upper bracket, putting up team-leading performances almost every step of the way as the team completed the lower bracket gauntlet from the first round with wins over Complexity, G2, and Liquid in a rematch.

s1mple went on to play particularly well when the stakes were the highest on the final day of the tournament, recording a 1.47 rating against Vitality in the consolidation final and a 1.57 rating in the grand final facing Astralis.

Over the course of the whole tournament, the Ukrainian averaged extraordinary numbers — even for his own uncommonly high standards —, leading 12 different event leaderboards, including overall rating (1.41), kills per round (0.89), damage per round (89.6), KAST (79.4%), and success in opening duels (72.4%).

With this accolade, s1mple has increased his total MVP count to 12. That sees the Ukrainian distance himself again from Mathieu “⁠ZywOo⁠” Herbaut, his closest individual rival at BLAST Premier Global Final, as the player with the second-most MVP awards to his name, and close the gap to Nicolai “⁠device⁠” Reedtz, who currently has 18.

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NAVI brush aside Astralis to win BLAST Premier Global Final

Natus Vincere won the BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 after recording a convincing 2-0 victory over world No.1 Astralis. Fresh off a three-map thriller against Vitality in the consolidation final, the CIS team showed no signs of fatigue as they put up a world-class display against an off-colour Astralis side that was outfought and outclassed.

Aleksandr “⁠s1mple⁠” Kostyliev, who was crowned the tournament’s MVP, was once again the main catalyst behind NAVI, but there were strong performances all around in the CIS team. Just days ago, when they were defeated by Liquid in the first round of the tournament, it would have been almost impossible to imagine such a comeback from the team, who capped off a dream lower bracket run with a display reminiscent of their IEM Katowice 2020 campaign.

“I think we are stronger than last year, as you can see we can actually pull off some comebacks and we have more belief in each other,” s1mple said after the series. “We just keep practising every day, discussing things, fixing mistakes. Everyone wants to reach this goal. We want to stay at the top for as long as possible.”

NAVI made light work of Astralis in a one-sided affair

NAVI made a hot start to the series, racing to a 4-0 lead on the T side of Nuke, their own map pick. Astralis, who handed Lucas “⁠Bubzkji⁠” Andersen his first game of 2021, responded with Desert Eagles and a MAC-10 and then tightened up, gradually taking the upper hand in this evenly-contested first half. The Danish team seemed to have gained a strong foothold in the game, but then NAVI put together another streak of rounds to end the half ahead.

Egor “⁠flamie⁠” Vasilyev opened the action in the second half with a crisp quad-kill on the lower site to kick NAVI further into the lead. The CIS team held off a comeback attempt by Astralis and rallied to a 14-9 lead before clutch rounds by Lukas “⁠gla1ve⁠” Rossander and Emil “⁠Magisk⁠” Reif restored hope amongst the Danish side’s fans. However, there was no stopping NAVI, who locked down the map in the 28th round in style, Ilya “⁠Perfecto⁠” Zalutskiy pulling off a jumping headshot with a P250 in a spectacular eco round from the team.

Inferno began with a flawless pistol round from NAVI, a sign of what was to follow: Astralis made things competitive for a while, but the game quickly became a one-way street as the CIS giants steamrolled their way to a 10-5 lead, led by Kirill “⁠Boombl4⁠” Mikhailov on 19 frags.

More misery was to come for Astralis, who lost the pistol round as newcomer Valeriy “⁠B1T⁠” Vakhovskiy picked up a quad-kill on the A site. The Danish team still attempted a response, but NAVI refused to take their foot off the gas and wrapped things up without losing a single round in the half.



BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 standings:

1. Russia Natus Vincere – $600,000
2. Denmark Astralis – $200,000
3. France Vitality – $80,000
4. United States Liquid – $50,000
5-6. Europe G2 – $20,000
5-6. United States Evil Geniuses – $20,000
7-8. Europe Complexity – $15,000
7-8. Brazil FURIA – $15,000

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NAVI take revenge on Liquid in BLAST Premier Global Final

Natus Vincere have booked a spot in the consolidation final of the BLAST Premier Global Final after posting a 2-0 victory over Liquid, taking revenge on the North American side for Wednesday’s defeat by the same scoreline. The maps were exactly the same as in that first match just three days ago, but NAVI looked a much more resolute side this time around, keeping their composure even when things were frantic in the closing stages.

Aleksandr “⁠s1mple⁠” Kostyliev spearheaded the team’s spectacular Inferno comeback with an imperious display on the T side (1.89 rating), while Egor “⁠flamie⁠” Vasilyev led the charge on Nuke after coming on in between maps. The CIS giants seem to be improving after each match, but they will now face their biggest test yet in the form of Vitality in the consolidation final, with Astralis lying in wait in the tournament decider.

NAVI went into the match all guns blazing, storming to a 6-1 on the CT side of Inferno, Liquid‘s map choice. The North Americans then finally got a footing in the game, courtesy of a trio of frags by Michael “⁠Grim⁠” Wince and then a 1v2 clutch from Keith “⁠NAF⁠” Markovic in the following round, but NAVI picked up the pace in the final stages of the half and picked up a 9-6 lead, with Valeriy “⁠B1T⁠” Vakhovskiy leading the charge with 16 frags.

s1mple will go up against ZywOo on Sunday

Liquid came out of the break looking lively and shut out NAVI six rounds in a row with a watertight defence. Things looked a bit concerning for the CIS giants, who were struggling to find openings and looked bereft of ideas, but then s1mple did what he normally does and pulled the team out of an adverse situation. After putting up 15 frags in the first 21 rounds of the game, he shifted into a higher year and racked up 18 kills in the following eight rounds to inspire NAVI’s comeback against a shellshocked Liquid side that could do nothing to stop the Ukrainian prodigy.

Nuke began with Liquid looking the brighter of the two sides, keeping the Terrorists at bay during the early stages for a 7-1 lead. NAVI responded with 3v5 clutches in back-to-back rounds, which changed the complexion of the game: The CIS team took control of proceedings after that and reduced the deficit to a solitary round before the break, with Ilya “⁠Perfecto⁠” Zalutskiy raising eyebrows with multiple key frags.

NAVI carried that momentum into the second half and won six rounds in a row, bringing the scoreline to 13-8. They seemed on the brink of victory, but then a 1v3 clutch by Jonathan “⁠EliGE⁠” Jablonowski turned the game on its head and revitalised Liquid, who went on a dominant run, eventually taking the lead after clutching a 2v4 situation. NAVI would not let things get out of hand, however, and locked down the map after tightening up in the dying stages of the game.

United States


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NAVI overrun G2; march on in BLAST Premier Global Final lower bracket

Natus Vincere took down G2 in convincing fashion, 2-0, to eliminate the French-Balkan team from the tournament. The CIS side fell into the lower bracket early, afer a loss to Liquid, while G2 were two rounds away from taking down Astralis in the upper bracket final on Thursday, but are now out of the event.

The Natus VincereG2 match was clear-cut from the start, as Kirill “⁠Boombl4⁠” Mikhailov‘s men took the lead on Train and didn’t let go of it for the whole series. They continue their lower bracket run on Saturday, with a rematch against Liquid.

Natus Vincere looked unstoppable in the series

Boombl4‘s triple kill opened up the action on Train, with the CIS squad bouncing back from an anti-force loss to grab the early lead as Terrorists. G2‘s engine struggled to get going, as they only grabbed their second when Natus Vincere already had eight on the board. Nemanja “⁠nexa⁠” Isaković‘s team was unable to tie two together, though, with the map continuing onward in a similar fashion.

The half time finished 11-4 and Nikola “⁠NiKo⁠” Kovač secured the pistol for his side with a quad kill, but again no momentum was built as s1mple took down three with the SSG-08 to win the force-buy. With a massive lead, Natus Vincere had no issues closing out their map pick, 16-6.

On Mirage, NiKo found himself in three clutch situations early on, but losing two of them meant Natus Vincere stamped their foot down on the second map. They reached an 8-1 lead before nexa‘s double-entry got G2 rolling and made the half competitive.

The European side salvaged the offensive half, reaching six rounds before the switch, but Boombl4‘s double burst-fire frag extended the lead for Natus Vincere on the pistol. Ilya “⁠Perfecto⁠” Zalutskiy was also having a great game, and finished with a 19K-9D scoreline as his team concluded the series with a 16-8 on Mirage.



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Vitality breeze past Complexity in BLAST Premier Global Final

The first match of the BLAST Premier Global Final today saw Vitality advance to the upper bracket semi-final stage of the competition over Complexity. Benjamin “⁠blameF⁠” Bremer‘s men did the best they could without Valentin “⁠poizon⁠” Vasilev, but the French team had no difficulties whatsoever to take them down on both maps, Mirage and Dust2.

With this victory, Vitality will wait for the winner of Natus Vincere and Liquid, while Complexity will have to play an elimination series in the first round of the lower bracket.

ZywOo was a beast in Dust2

Richard “⁠shox⁠” Papillon had a great start in Mirage as he pushed Vitality to win a force-buy in the third round with four M4A4 kills. The teams had a bit of a back-and-forth battle until Complexity won almost five in a row to lead by 7-4. The French side, however, fixed their CT side in time to win the first half by 8-7.

After losing the pistol and the following round, Complexity had a glimpse of hope as William “⁠RUSH⁠” Wierzba hit four difficult Desert Eagle headshots to steal the round for his team.

The play didn’t tilt Vitality and they won four in a row, dismantling the double-AWP setup that Kristian “⁠k0nfig⁠” Wienecke and Jakob “⁠JUGi⁠” Hansen were using. The expensive tactic only granted one round for Complexity and the French didn’t sweat to comfortably close the game 16-9, with Cédric “⁠RpK⁠” Guipouy topping the scoreboard with 23 frags.

Vitality made their classic substitution for Dust2, swapping Kévin “⁠misutaaa⁠” Rabier for Nabil “⁠Nivera⁠” Benrlitom, which added more aggressiveness to their playbook. The French side conceded five rounds in a row after starting with a 3-0 lead but won the first half by 8-7 much due to some well-executed splits on both bombsites.

Vitality developed early CT momentum off the back of a great read in their CT pistol. Complexity were able to win only one round in the half as Mathieu “⁠ZywOo⁠” Herbaut reigned supreme with his AWP on A long and the French team easily took the map by 16-8.



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Global Offensive » 2021 Major Championship

CS:GO’s next Major Championship will be hosted by PGL, and will take place in Stockholm at the Ericsson Globe, October 23rd-November 7th, provided it is safe to hold live competitive events by that time.

Join us in Sweden, or watch all of the matches online with the CS:GO Major’s first 4K 60fps stream!

Twenty-four teams will battle for their share of a $2,000,000 prize pool. Those teams will be identified through a series of Regional Major Ranking (RMR) events throughout the year, initially taking place online and culminating in at least one offline RMR per region prior to the Major. We’ll provide more detail about 2021 RMR events soon.

It has been a long stretch since CS:GO last crowned a Major Champion. Who will rise to the top and claim the title?

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BLAST Premier Global Final talent announced

The broadcast will feature BLAST’s usual lineup of on-air talent.

The organizers of BLAST Premier Global Final have announced the on-air team who will bring you the action at the $1 million tournament, featuring their favorite desk-commentator-interviewer combination.

James “⁠BanKs⁠” Banks will lead the analysis as usual, and he will be accompanied by Mathieu “⁠Maniac⁠” Quiquerez and Jacob “⁠Pimp⁠” Winneche on the desk, while Freya Spiers will conduct interviews with the teams.

BanKs will host the desk alongside Maniac and Pimp

Two popular caster duos will take up the commentators’ post at the first top-tier tournament of 2021: Conner “⁠Scrawny⁠” Girvan and Mohan “⁠launders⁠” Govindasamy and Anders “⁠Anders⁠” Blume and Auguste “⁠Semmler⁠” Massonnat.

BLAST Premier Global Finals will run from January 19-24. The tournament features eight teams, including the current top three — Astralis, Vitality, and Natus Vincere —, who will play in a double-elimination bracket in the fight for the $600,000 grand prize.

The talent lineup is once again:

United Kingdom James “⁠BanKs⁠” Banks – Desk host
Switzerland Mathieu “⁠Maniac⁠” Quiquerez – Analyst
Denmark Jacob “⁠Pimp⁠” Winneche – Analyst

United Kingdom Freya Spiers – Interviewer

Canada Conner “⁠Scrawny⁠” Girvan – Commentator
Canada Mohan “⁠launders⁠” Govindasamy – Commentator
Denmark Anders “⁠Anders⁠” Blume – Commentator
United States Auguste “⁠Semmler⁠” Massonnat – Commentator

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junior to miss BLAST Premier Global Final

Paytyn “⁠junior⁠” Johnson will not attend the BLAST Premier Global Final with FURIA, André Akkari, one of the organisation’s primary investors, has revealed in an Instagram story.

Despite being announced as the newest member of the Brazilian organization on Wednesday, the American AWPer will not travel to Serbia with his new team due to passport issues, leaving the team to field a replacement in his stead.

junior won’t be able to attend the BLAST Premier Global Final

The event, which features six of the top ten teams in the world, would have been junior‘s debut appearance under the FURIA banner.

In the same series of videos, Mr. Akkari revealed that FURIA will announce a sixth member of the team on Thursday, with the newcomer filling in for junior for the duration of the tournament.

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