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StarLadder announces RMR invites, responds to CIS teams’ open letter

StarLadder have announced the list of teams invited to the next Regional Major Ranking tournament in the CIS region. Spirit, Natus Vincere, Gambit,, and Akuma have been invited to the main event, while Entropiq, forZe, K23, and Nemiga will kick off their campaign in the closed qualifier.

The invites were handed out based on the teams’ current standings in the ranking, which currently have Spirit in the lead following the conclusion of the first regional tournament in the 2021 Major circuit, EPIC League.

Spirit are currently in the lead of the CIS RMR standings

Two more squads have already secured their place in the closed stage via the first open qualifier, ex-Marlian and EC Kyiv, with the remaining two participants set to be decided in the second open qualifier (June 13-14).

Below you can find the participants list of StarLadder CIS RMR:

Main event

Closed qualifier

The tournament organizer has also shared details of how it plans to run the event from an administrative standpoint in response to the open letter that 14 out of 16 participants of EPIC League CIS signed and sent to Valve, in which the teams criticized how the security of the previous tournament in the RMR circuit was handled and suggested several protocols to help prevent cheating in multiple forms at future events.

StarLadder has promised to put in place the following five measures, all of which were proposed in the open letter:

1. We will not provide data to any 3rd party with a delay of less than 20 seconds

2. We will set at least 110 seconds delay on all of our GOTV

3. Voice communications of all teams will be recorded for every game

4. Webcams of the players will capture what is happening on the player’s screen; this video feed will also be recorded for every game

5. All matches of StarLadder CIS RMR will be played on FACEIT platform using the FACEIT anti-cheat software

The closed qualifier for StarLadder CIS RMR will take place from June 18-21, followed by the two-stage main event on June 27-July 4. The tournament will have $100,000 on offer, as well as between 1,500 and 2,000 RMR points awarded to the top-five teams.

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DreamHack Open June invites revealed

The invites to the upcoming DreamHack Open June have been announced by the Swedish tournament organizer, with the spots at the two events in Asia and North America being handed out based on ESL’s World Ranking.

The events, which have been rescheduled from June 30-July 4 to June 29-July 3, will be played out online in North America and Asia, with eight teams battling it out in a GSL group stage and single elimination playoffs in the former and four teams playing a double-elimination bracket in the latter.

Extra Salt were handed an invited for the North American tournament

The six invites in North America have been split between three Brazilian teams and three North American teams. The Brazilian squads that were handed invites are O PLANO, paiN and GODSENT, whereas the North American squads that will compete at the event are Party Astronauts, RBG, and the North American-South African combine of Extra Salt.

In Asia it’s D13 and Lynn Vision, the two finalists at Hyperion OEL Launch 2021, who have been handed invites to the four-team tournament. Two more spots at each of the two events are still up for grabs through the closed qualifiers, which will be played on June 17-20 in North America and June 19-20 in Asia.

The team list in North America so far is:

The Asian roster is:

Mongolia D13
AsiaClosed Qualifier

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cs_summit 8 invites revealed |

FURIA, Liquid, Evil Geniuses and EXTREMUM have received invites to the group stage of cs_summit 8 as the highest-ranked teams in the Regional Major Ranking (RMR) standings, while Extra Salt, paiN, GODSENT and Bad News Bears have been invited to the closed qualifier.

The closed stage will run from May 14-18 and feature the aforementioned quartet as well as four sides from the open qualifiers. All matches will be played as best-of-three affairs in a double-elimination bracket, with the top four advancing to the next phase.

FURIA and EXTREMUM lead the way in the RMR standings

Phase three will see the main event of cs_summit 8 kick off with two GSL groups, where FURIA, Liquid, Evil Geniuses and EXTREMUM will square off with the four best teams from the closed stage from May 20-24. The top two sides from each group will progress to the playoffs’ upper bracket and the third-placed teams to the lower bracket.

The playoffs will take place from May 26-30 to round out the $50,000 RMR event and culminate with a best-of-five grand final, with a 5th-6th place decider also being played to determine the final standings.

The cs_summit 8 team list can be found below:

The closed qualifier will have the following teams:

The Regional Major Ranking standings for North America, which have been updated to reflect roster changes and the subsequent point deductions, currently looks as follows:

1-2. Brazil FURIA – 480 points
1-2. Oceania EXTREMUM – 480 points
3. North America Evil Geniuses – 360 points
4. United States Liquid – 240 points

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DreamHack Masters Spring closed qualifier invites announced

Four European teams and two North American sides have received invitations to the regional closed qualifiers for DreamHack Masters Spring, scheduled for March 6-7. Both tournaments will feature double-elimination, best-of-three brackets to determine four of the 16 teams that will be taking part in the $250,000 main event.

Heroic, Complexity, Cloud9 and OG have been invited to the European closed qualifier, in which they will be joined by the four sides that survive the extensive open bracket, which is already underway and features teams like fnatic, Sprout and MIBR.

Complexity (world No.11) are the highest-ranked team in attendance

The tournament could mark the debut of Nikolaj “⁠niko⁠” Kristensen for OG, who are locked in talks with Heroic over the 22-year-old rifler as they look to replace Nathan “⁠NBK-⁠” Schmitt. The Danish team will be making their first appearance with Rasmus “⁠sjuush⁠” Beck and Ismail “⁠refrezh⁠” Ali after signing the pair from MAD Lions last week.

With three spots on the line, the European closed qualifier will feature the following teams:

In North America, Bad News Bears and Extra Salt will take on two participants from the region’s open qualifier for a spot in the main event. The team list for the tournament looks as follows:

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DreamHack Open March invites revealed

DreamHack Open March will have the No.5 team in the world, Liquid, in contention, the Swedish organizers have announced. They’ll be joined in the North American tournament by paiN, High Coast, Bad News Bears, Triumph and Rebirth.

The South American tournament’s invites were also revealed, being the Brazilian squads of Sharks and Imperial the ones given direct access to the main tournament without having to go through qualifying rounds.

Liquid are one of the invited teams to DH Open March

DreamHack Open March will take place on March 10-14 with the event in North America featuring eight teams, two of which will be joining the invited squads after clearing the closed qualifier, while the South American tournament will have four teams and the same amount coming from their qualifier.

The final two teams in each tournament will be known upon the conclusion of the closed qualifiers on February 26 in South America and February 27 in North America.

The DreamHack Open North America teams are:

The DreamHack Open South America teams are:

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DreamHack Open March closed qualifier invites revealed

DreamHack Open March is taking place on March 11-14 in two regions, North America and South America, with $100,000 split among both tournaments, $70,000 for the former and $30,000 for the latter, as well as ESL Pro Tour points in play.

The North American event will have eight teams, of which six will be invited directly and two will come from the closed qualifier, while the South American tournament will feature four teams, two invited and two coming from qualifiers.

Sonic and JT’s Extra Salt will be competing in the closed qualifier

The North American closed qualifier will feature four teams hailing from two different open qualifiers and the four invited teams, which are Extra Salt, Third Impact, Mythic and Secret Club. The qualifier will be a double-elimination best-of-three bracket played on February 25-27, with the top two teams going through.

The North America closed qualifier invites are:

The two South American teams that have been to invited to the closed qualifier on February 25-26 are the Argentine-Uruguayan-Brazilian team 9z and the Brazilian quintet of Havan Liberty, who will be fighting two teams from the open qualifier in the best-of-three bracket for two spots at the main event.

The South America closed qualifier invites are:

South America 9z
South America Open qualifier #1

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