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[VOD] Talking OG’s plateau and IEM Katowice groups with guest Aleksib

The European team that reached their peak world ranking of #6 at the turn of the year recorded underwhelming results at the first tournaments of 2021, most recently exiting IEM Katowice 2021 in 13-16th place.

To hear about what caused OG‘s slump and how the team plans to get out of it, HLTV Confirmed S5E28 will feature the Finnish caller Aleksi “⁠Aleksib⁠” Virolainen.

Aleksib will feature on HLTV Confirmed for the first time

Alongside Aleksib, the show will feature Chad “⁠SPUNJ⁠” Burchill and Milan “⁠Striker⁠” Švejda, who will break down the recent news and talk about other IEM Katowice results, such as the CIS-heavy playoff bracket and Liquid‘s revival.

Topic list:

Hot seat with Aleksib
-Reaching #6 in the world (IEM NY, Flashpoint 2)
-Player break and preparations
-2021 slump (summit, BLAST, Katowice)
-What is holding OG back?
Recent news
-suNny leaves ENCE, new project coming?
-Omaken acquires Heroic
-apEX returns to Vitality roster
IEM Katowice
-Play-in: mouz & NiP advance, C9 & Col falter
-CIS teams continue to impress
-Liquid to semis with FalleN’s calling
-Astralis in playoffs, Bubzkji out of the picture?
-FaZe’s first impression with karrigan
-How will the playoffs go?
-Viewer questions and leftover topics

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IEM Katowice playoffs Fantasy game goes live

As IEM Katowice 2021 reaches its playoff stage, where six teams will fight for the title from February 26-28 in a single-elimination bracket, the Fantasy game for the final part of the tournament opens for action.

Will s1mple pay off his $240,000 price tag?

Users can pick their lineup from the teams remaining in the tournament, with Aleksandr “⁠s1mple⁠” Kostyliev coming in with the highest price, followed by fellow CIS AWPers Abdul “⁠degster⁠” Gasanov, Dmitry “⁠sh1ro⁠” Sokolov, and Dzhami “⁠Jame⁠” Ali.

Four Astralis members are priced below the $204,000 mark, making them affordable for those who believe in a deep run from the Danes. The cheapest sniper available is Gabriel “⁠FalleN⁠” Toledo ($184,000), who could provide immense value following a 1.12-rated group stage performance.

The official IEM Katowice HLTV Fantasy league prize pool is as follows:

1. Specialist Gloves | Buckshot (Field-Tested)
2. AWP | Asiimov (Field-Tested)
3. AK-47 | Asiimov (Field-Tested)

The winners of the official Fantasy leagues will be contacted via the email provided in their HLTV profile, and are required to respond to the email within a month to be eligible to receive their prizes.

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IEM Katowice reaches playoffs |

The four-day group stage came to a close on Sunday evening, with Liquid and Spirit booking the first spots in the semi-finals after winning their respective groups.

The first round of the playoffs, featuring the runners-up and the third-placed finishers, will begin with a CIS derby between Natus Vincere and Gambit, two teams who last faced each other in the quarter-finals of IEM New York, four months ago. The winner of this clash will go on to face the red-hot Spirit, who still haven’t faced CIS opposition since they began their campaign in the tournament.

IEM Katowice will resume on Friday

Later that day, Astralis and will face off in a rematch of the StarLadder Major Final, when the CIS team still played under AVANGAR. The winner of that match will lock horns with Liquid, who haven’t faced since last year’s IEM Katowice and Astralis since the IEM Global Challenge grand final.

In case Liquid are pitted against Astralis, they will be relishing the chance to finally end a nine-match losing streak against the Danes that began at the Berlin Major.

Below you can find the complete schedule for the playoffs:

Friday, February 26